Grass Valley LDX 82 Elite

 HDR-capable Advanced Imaging Camera Platform

LDX 82 Elite is the ultimate workhorse for live HD production — from live sports to scripted productions. LDX 82 Elite can switch between 1080i, 720p and 1080PsF, and features PowerCurves for shooting under challenging conditions, and Color Protect to help correct lighting issues. This includes extended color gamut supporting ITU-R BT.2020.

With the LDX 82 Elite, you can upgrade, when needed, to the LDX 82 WorldCam adding 3G production formats for acquisition.

XDR — Extended Dynamic Range — operation (HDR with full 15 F-stops or >800% of regular cameras) is available for all 50/59.94 Hz formats offering a new level of viewer experience.

LDX 82 Flex (Common to all LDX 82 Series Cameras unless otherwise stated)

Camera Head


  • Temperature range: -20° to +45°C =(-4° to 113°F) (operating)

  • Weight: 

    • 2.1 kg (4.6 lbs.) (including handgrip and shoulder pad)

    • 2.5 kg (5.5 lbs.) (including handgrip and ComfortPad shoulder pad)

  • Dimensions: width: 170 mm, depth: 200 mm, height: 180 mm (6.7 x 7.9 x 7.1 in.)

  • Power: Supplied through the transmission adapter


  • Pick-up device: 3x2/3" Xensium-FT CMOS

  • Picture elements: 1920x1080

  • Smear: no vertical smear

  • Shutter: no mechanical shutter

  • Optical system: F1.4 prism

  • Lens mount: 2/3" Bayonet type

  • Optical filter wheels: 2x motorized wheels (1x motorized wheel on LDX Flex)

  • Optical filters on first wheel: clear, 1/4 ND, 1/16 ND, 1/64 ND

  • Optical filters on second wheel (not available on LDX Flex): clear, 4P-star, soft focus

  • Electronic color correction: 3200°K, 5600°K, 7500°K, FL, 2 AWB presets, Var, continuous auto white

  • Exposure: electronic exposure down to 1/1000 sec

Video modes:

  • Single-format: 1080i50/59.94 or 720p50/59.94 (selected at time of purchase)

  • Sensitivity at 2000 lux:

    • F12 (1080i50, 720p50, and 1080p50)

    • F11 (1080i59.94, 720p59.94, and 1080p59.94)

    • F18 (1080PsF23.98/24/25)

    • F16 (1080PsF29.97)

  • S/N ratio: 60 dB typical

  • Aspect ratio: 16:9

  • Modulation depth: 60% (typical) at 800 TV lines (27 MHz) in 1080i50/59.94 & 720p50/59.94 modes

  • Gain selection: -6 dB to +18 dB in 3 dB steps (user-definable presets) or continuous master gain


  • Front microphone input: XLR-3 female, balanced, phantom +48V selectable

  • USB

  • Ethernet RJ-45

  • Lens connector: Hirose 12-pin

  • Viewfinder connector: 20-pin and HDMI

Control buttons:

  • PickMe

  • Info

  • Menu control

  • Intercom production/engineering

  • Filter wheel selection

  • Standard file recall

  • 4 user assignable

Control switches:

  • On/off

  • Color bar

  • Gain selection

  • Color temperature

  • Exposure time

  • White balance


  • 2" CRT viewfinder (b/w)

  • 2" LCD viewfinder

  • 7" LCD viewfinder

  • 7.4" OLED viewfinder

Note: LDX 82 Flex can be upgraded to LDX 82 Première. Upgrades of more than one level may be achieved with multiple licenses.

LDX 82 Elite

Video Modes

Switchable: 1080PsF23.98/24/25/29.97, 1080i50/59.94 & 720p50/59.94

Note: LDX 82 Elite can be upgraded to LDX 82 WorldCam.

GV-eLicense Program

Perpetual license: Perpetual upgrade to the next camera in the range

7-day license: Temporary 7-day (weekly) upgrade to the next camera in the range

HDR perpetual license: Perpetual license for the addition of true 15 F-stop HDR operation in all single speed formats for all LDX 82 Series camera heads is available. (7-day HDR licenses are not available.) 

B.O.W.L:  Bunch of weekly licenses. 

Multiple licenses may be purchased to upgrade cameras by more than one level (e.g., LDX 82 Flex to LDX 82 WorldCam). Multiple 7-day licenses may be purchased for extended temporary upgrades. No credit is given for the purchase of 7-day licenses towards the purchase of a perpetual license.

How does the upgrade licensing (GV-eLicense) structure work?

A GV-eLicense will temporarily or perpetually upgrade an LDX camera (except LDX WorldCam) to a more advanced model. Each step up the LDX series requires a separate license. If a user moves up one model, they need one license; moving up two models requires two licenses, etc. To increase the duration of a 7-day upgrade, an additional 7-day license must be acquired. To simplify licensing needs, the  B.O.W.L. (simply, a bunch of weekly licenses) licensing system provides a way to preorder any number of 7-day licenses and activate them whenever needed without having to place individual orders.

Once the user decides their license requirements, they supply Grass Valley with the serial number of the camera(s) to which the GV-eLicense(s) should be applied. For 7-day licenses, the user also supplies the start date for the license to begin.

Once the order is placed, the Grass Valley order desk will send an e-mail to the user with a link to a unique and secured website, which will provide an activation code. The code enables a file download. After inserting a USB memory device into the camera, the installation process is completed using menus.

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