Panasonic AK-HC3500

Powerful Studio Camera with a new IT-3CCD delivering 1080i native resolution

  • For studio and field applications

  • 14-bit A/D converter

  • 38-bit Digital Signal Processing (DSP)

  • Enhanced DTL Signal Processing

  • New generation HD studio camera

User report

TOKYO BROADCASTING SYSTEM TELEVISION, INC. (hereinafter called TBS) introduced the Multi-Format Camera AK-HC3500 to its drama recording studios, “M1 Studio” and “M2 Studio” in Midoriyama Studio.

AK-HC3500 – Camera head

The Panasonic AK-HC3500 2/3-type HD Studio Camera is a professional, multi-format camera that captures 1080i video using three 2/3-type 2.2-megapixel CCDs. By combining a 14-bit A/D converter with 38-bit digital signal processing, the camera's low smear level and reduced moiré contribute to exceptional imagery even in lowlight environments.

A variety of image controls go further to improve image quality depending on the shooting situation, with such high-performance functions as dynamic range stretch, cine gamma curve, skin tone detail correction, and enhanced DTL signal processing. In keeping with its "multi-format" designation, the AK-HC3500 shoots both 1080i59.94Hz and 50Hz HD formats. AK-HC3500 has VBS out as standard for prompter output.

The AK-HC3500 utilizes Panasonic CCD sensor technology and the improved on-chip lens performance offers a high sensitivity of F10 (1080/59.94i) or F11 (1080/50i) at 2000 lx, a low smear level and an excellent signal to noise ratio of 60 dB. Panasonic's single-channel transfer system and spatial-offset processing technologies improve signal modulation depth and reduce moiré.

Combine this with the 14-bit A/D conversion; a newly-developed 38-bit Digital Signal Processing (DSP) and Panasonic's original real-time gamma correction to enable high quality images with Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS) and other high-performance functions makes the Panasonic AK-HC3500 a world class leader in studio acquisition.

Designed for easy operation and expandability The AK-HC3500 incorporates Panasonic's extensive broadcast camera design know-how to provide even easier operation. Convenient features include a backlight on the rear operation panel for improved operation in dark settings. In response to customer requests, we have made numerous improvements over prior models.

These include optimal weight balance, boosted efficiency when used with a build-up unit, and a low centre of gravity for more comfortable handling. Thanks to this advanced design, the AK-HC3500 helps to reduce user fatigue while assuring exceptional efficiency both in the studio and at outdoor venues.

  •  High sensitivity, high resolution picture with less moiré and a vertical smear level less than -130dB

  •  Dynamic Range Stretch Function and Cine Gamma Curve

  • Switchable HD/SD output formats

AK-HRP935 – remote operation panel

The Panasonic AK-HRP935 Remote Operation Panel, compact 1/4-type rack size, allows easily adjustment of AK-HC3500 camera system parameters remotely. Fully control of camera settings with joystick-type iris control

Key features / benefits

  • Compact size for easy installation in small spaces

  • Full remote control of HC3500 parameters

  • Joystick-type iris control

AK-HCU3550 – camera control unit

The Panasonic AK-HCU3550 Camera Control Unit supports high definition 1080i 50i/59.94, SD 576/50i and 480/59.94i output, and 1080/50i/59.94i, 576/50.00i, 480/59.9 RET IN formats. It‘s designed to work with the AK-HC3500 production/studio camera for studio and EFP (electronic field production) applications.

The Camera Control Unit manages critical camera functions, with low power consumption of only 40W - reducing the heat dissipation. This compact, half-rack width (200 x 125 x 400 mm) and light weight (9Kg), control unit can be easily carried in flypacks and OB vans, thus offering efficient all-round versatility. In addition, the HCU3550 offers a host of connectivity options including 4 HD/SD-SDI lines, 2 Analogue composite lines, waveform monitor output, and return video, prompter inputs.

Key features / benefits

  • Camera Control Unit designed for the AK-HC3500

  • Versatility Multi-connection for easy of installation

  • Compact size and light weight 

AK-HVF931A – viewfinder 

The AK-HVF931A is a high performance 8 type LCD Colour viewfinder. Easily and securely attaches to the AK-HC3500 studio camera. Allowing 900 panning angle, a high degree of tilt adjustment and with the low profile of the HC3500 the viewfinder can be set to the optimum position for operator comfort. The HVF931 accepts both 1080i or 720p video and can be switched from 16:9 or 4:3 aspect radio, with a weight of only 2.8Kg and a power consumption of 18w the AK-HVF931A is a very versatile high quality viewfinder.

Key features / benefits

  • Easy one handed operation of common controls

  • 1080i / 720p and 16:9 / 4:3 switchable

  • 900 Pan angle

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