Panasonic AK-HC3800

Studio Camera

  • The 2/3-type 2.2-megapixel 3CCD camera system offers F12 (2000 lx) sensitivity, low smear, and an excellent S/N ratio of 60 dB (at 59.94 Hz).

  • Switchable between 1080/59.94i and 1080/50i HD formats for worldwide use

  • The newly developed 16 bit A/D converter and a 38 bit digital signal processing circuit ensure high-quality image processing.

  • The DRS (Dynamic Range Stretch) function suppresses blocked shadows and blown highlights.

  • The Film Rec Gamma and Scan Reverse functions provide powerful support in digital cinema production.

  • Features an internal digital extender (x2 magnification)

  • 12-axis color correction, detail, skin tone detail and matrix adjustment

  • An SD Memory Card can be used for firmware version up

The newly developed AK-HC3800 Studio Handy Camera is equipped with a high-sensitivity, high-quality 2/3-type 2.2-megapixel 3CCD and a new high-precision 16 bit A/D image processing circuit. By using the AK-HC3800 together with the AK-HCU200 Camera Control Unit and AK-HRP200G Remote Operation Panel that are being released at the same time, an optical fiber transmission studio camera system can be configured at a low cost. The camera and camera control unit can be connected for long-distance transmission of video signals over approximately 1,200 m  when power is supplied from the camera control unit. The camera control unit and remote operation panel are connected by a dedicated cable. A LAN cable can also be used in the future for an IP connection of these units.

 Overall, the system is easy to use and operate, and offers excellent cost-performance. 


The camera control unit AK-HCU200E allows a high-quality, long-distance optical fibre transmission camera system to be configured at low cost. The optical fibre transmission is supporting uncompressed video signals over a distance of approximately 1.200 m between the camera and camera control unit.  The compact, lightweight unit measures 2U in height and is rack-mountable. Additionally the AK-HCU200E has a built-in cross converter supporting 720p/59,94 and 720p/50.

Key features / benefits

1) Cost Effective

2) Optical Fiber Transmission

3) Small Size: Full size 2 Rack Unit

4) Format: 1080i/60(50), 720P/60(50)

5) IP Protocol 

6) SD card slot (to store/recall settings, Version Up)

7) Distance 1.200m (Camera to CCU)

8) Prompter (one prompter input is provided as a standard feature)

9) Embedded Audio for HD SDI signal output

10)  Web Setting - The web setting can be done by connecting CCU wit a PC for CCU setting,    

       application and FPGA programming. Special jig tools and extender board are not necessary

       for the upgrade.

11)  Output: SDI OUT x 2, SDI OUT (PM) x 2

12)  RET input (SDI: 2 channels, VBS: 1 channel 


The compact operation panel AK-HRP200E is capable to support IP control of the studio camera AK-HC3800. IP control can also be used for remote control of compatible Panasonic and PTZ cameras. The unit has a compact 6U size and is equipped with a joystick control lever which allows iris and pedestal operation.

Key features / benefits

1) Compact size

2) Joystick-type iris control

3) IP connection

4) SD card for setting & version up

5) Maximum cable distance from ROP to CCU: 50m


The AK-HVF70E is a 17,8cm LCD color viewfinder with light weight, low power consumption and a high resolution plus versatile assist functions like focus-in-red and pixel-to-pixel. By direct connect functionality no separate cable is necessary to connect the VF to the studio camera.

Key features / benefits

1) Weight: 1,8kg 

2) Resolution: 1024 x 600 (WSVGA)

3) Focus assist functions (focus-in-red, pixel-to-pixel)

4) Three assignable function keys

5) Contrast, brightness and peaking are adjustable


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