Dexel SRL was founded 20 years ago as a family company, in order to manufacture lighting equipments for televition studios, films and theaters. After a continous and persistent work we have been able to create a brand “Dexel Lighting”, manufacturing a wide range of lighting products for the entertainment and architectural industries. Nowadays, Dexel SRL operates and distributes thanks a wide and prestigious distribution network in more than 50 countries. This extensive network enables Dexel and our distributors to supply a quick and high quality service to our customers. Headquarters and factory are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. State-of-the-art facilities using high degree of automation combined with our highly skilled technicians this provides cost effective production while maintaining a high standard of design and finish. Our culture is constant innovation and product development, combining passion and professional work to serve efficiently the show business market and to provide solutions for the lighting success.

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