Glidecam Industries, the manufacturer of camera stabilization systems and accessories, for use by both film and video makers, was founded by Martin Stevens in 1992. The actual origin of the first Glidecam device dates back to the Spring of 1991. Martin designed it when he was producing and directing his first feature length motion picture. Martin had become displeased with the current state of the art of camera stabilization systems and particularly the very high prices of these systems. He reasoned that if he could build a more affordable and capable camera stabilizer for his own production needs, using what he now refers to as "a common sense approach", then perhaps others would find need of the same. And so the "Glidecam" was born in 1991. It was in 1993 that Martin Stevens, seeking a professional business partner, sought to join forces with his brother David Stevens. David's many years of experience and success working in both the financial and sales world made him the ideal partner. It was David's business model and its practical application that lead Glidecam Industries to become so successful that it became incorporated in 1997, with Martin as President and David as Vice President, and now with David as CEO.

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