These are good times for Telos and our sister companies, Omnia, Axia, Linear Acoustic and 25-Seven Systems. We enjoy great satisfaction knowing that broadcasters in over 175 countries are using our gear every day. Telos was founded by Steve Church, a radio station talk show host at WFBQ, Indianapolis, who was dissatisfied with the poor quality of his on-air telephone calls. He was also an Engineer determined to do something about it. After many weekends spent in a nearby university technical library, a few extended lunches with professors, and months of long nights in the station’s lab, he taught himself the young field of audio signal processing and invented the world’s first radio studio product using digital audio technology. (Yes, this was 1984, when Compact Discs were "revolutionary".) The resulting Telos 10 telephone interface system was a hit, eventually inspiring Steve to quit his station job (then at WMMS, Cleveland) to build a business to make and sell the systems.

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